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As agriculture in Afghanistan is booming and one of the requirements of today’s Afghan farmers is the lack of chemical fertilizers for the cultivation of high quality agricultural products, Younes Shakib has started its services in the field of fertilizer importing from Turkmenistan, which today is part of the most important services of this company.

Since 2008, the company has started its activities in this sector and continuously imported the required fertilizer of farmers. Later, Younes Shakib Company has expanded exporting fertilizer to other countries as well such as India, Indonesia, South West Asia and Africa.

Younes Shakib Company imports fertilizer from Turkmenistan throught Turkmen port and then exports to the mentioned countries.

Also, through the port of Torghundi, the fertilizer is entered into the Afghanistan and then distributed to different provinces in order to reach the farmers.

Our Agents in different countries:

  • Turkmenistan: Mr. Ebrahim, +99365884400
  • Afghanistan: Mr. Qadir Ahmad Ahmadi, +93795719173