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Loader Machines are the most important equipment of Younes Shakib Company; we have about 35 different loaders in different sizes. These are working at provinces of Afghanistan.

Younes Shakib initially started with 5 loaders in various construction projects, which in the following years expanded to more than 35. The company plan to buy more than new loaders and replace its older ones.

Younes Shakib has bought more than 10 high-tonnage Crane trucks over the years, most of them are used in various projects of the company. These machines were purchased directly from the European countries by the company and were imported into Afghanistan.

Due to the high volume of infrastructure works in the country and the projects that Younes Shakib had undertaken to carry out, Dump trucks machines were one of the most important needs of the company. At the beginning we had about 8 Dump Trucks, but in the last years we have expanded it to 45 which about half of them are busy in several projects right now.

These cars are bought in various sizes, which are commonly used in construction and road building projects.