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Younes Shakib Trading Company was found in 2003 in Afghanistan and officially registered in the Ministry of Commerce under number 2001000121.

The company’s activities were started by Mohammad Taher Qazizadeh as the president, Younes Qazizadeh as the vice president and Shakib Qazizadeh as the management director of company. Since in the foundation more than 100 people are working directly and approximately 150 are working indirectly in different departments of the company.  (It should be mentioned that this company was operated under the name of Ghazizadeh Trading Company in the past 15 years, after that the investors founded a read more ….. 


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Importing Petroleum
Importing Cement
Security Services
Importing/Exporting Fruits
Importing/Exporting Fertilizer

Official representative of the MEGUIN Motor Oil

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